Pretty much all of us have been bullied one way or another; whether it was at the playground, in school, on the Internet, or even at the office.

But the problem with bullying in Malaysia (and around the world) is that nobody speaks up when it happens. The victims are too embarrassed, while the bystanders (yes, even family members and teachers) think it’s just part of growing up.

Well it’s not.

It’s time we all speak up against this culture. It’s time we let every new victim of bullying know that they are not alone, and that what happened to them is NOT acceptable.

And that’s why we at R.AGE have created this platform – so you, and every other victim of bullying can speak up through the simple act of sharing your experience on this map. The map will also collect information (anonymously) and compile live statistics from users, so we’ll all know what is actually happening around us.

So do your part. Share your experience and let someone in your area know that they are not alone.

Say “#rageagainstbullying



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