Some celebrities have joined us to actively support our cause. The R.AGE Against Bullying supporters voice out their opinions, thoughts and advice here.

Xandria Ooi

TV Host & Radio Announcer / Journalist

“I am very grateful to have a mother who intervened at a very young age. Parents play a very important role in teaching kids what exactly bullying is.”

Xandria Ooi's R.AGE Against Bullying media collection.

Joanne Kam

Radio Announcer

“You have to stand up for what you believe in. If you keep undermining yourself, it will make it easier for bullies easier to target you. You have to have self-worth. I think that is very important.”

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Lil Kev

Radio Announcer

“The reason why people bully you is because they fear you. Stand your ground, don’t retaliate and eventually they will see that they are being really really stupid.”

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Radio Announcer

“Parents, get to know your kids. Hang out with your kids. Don’t be judgmental. Be their friend. So, if they’re being bullied they can open up. Your kids will actually listen to you if you are their friend."

JJ's Rage Against Bullying media collection.

Daphne Iking

TV Host / Actress

“There was a time where most adults thought that bullying was a rite of passage to the youths out there. But I don’t think it is right and I’m glad that we are creating awareness through this campaign. We should put an end to bullying.”

Daphne Iking's R.AGE Against Bullying media collection.


Radio Announcer

站在父母的立场来看,我认为父母一定要观察入微,并且对小朋友的行为举止加以留意。我相信,父母从小看着孩子长大,一定很清楚孩子的情况。他是否突然变得沉默,或身上 突然出现不明的瘀伤?这些都是不容忽视的小细节。如果出现这些情况,你应该耐心地询 问孩子,而不是马上指责孩子是否和别人打架。因为他未必是和别人打架,而是被别人欺 负了。所以,除了悉心留意之外,父母亲也要细心地对待孩子,把他们当作是自己的好朋 友,好好地跟孩子们沟通。

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Radio Announcer

如果你在马路上遇到类似有人被欺负的个案,你只要在车内长鸣车笛,你可能就可以救到 受害者;如果你在学校里面遇到这样的事件,你可以请老师到现场,或者把小朋友带离现 场,这样也可以帮到他们。无论如何,守望相助是我们应该发挥的精神,我们希望这个地 球上不会再有人被欺负。

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