YES Supports The Star R.AGE Against Bullying Campaign

It is alarming to learn that bullying, including cyber-bullying is on the rise especially among the teens and youth. Bullying can leave a distressing impact on the victims which can be harmful on the youth’s self-esteem, personal growth and development in the long-run.

Today’s youths have easier access to the Internet, mobile phones, and computers. We realized that this allows any person to be somewhat anonymous, and become bolder in hurtful virtual remarks and behaviors without the need to be face to face. This has become more common in society, particularly among young people, legislation and awareness campaigns have arisen to combat it

As a responsible internet service provider, Yes, a brand under YTL Communications wants to make sure that bullying should not be tolerated – be it offline or online, and to educate the teens and youth on safe surfing, responsible technology use, as well as be aware of bullying in cyber space and bullying prevention. The first place to begin with education on bullying is with the teens and youth themselves. Hence working with media partner The Star on the “R.A.G.E Against Bullying” campaign is one of the ways for Yes to reach out to the target audience.

Through this campaign, YES hopes to increase awareness of the effects of bullying behavior on youth’s wellbeing and social life, and to empower the youth with positive solutions and inner strength to stand up against bullying. Yes also hopes to ensure young people as well as adults know what to do if they come across bullying or are threatened themselves, and help put a stop – safely – before it gets worse.

FrogAsia, a sister company of YTL Communications, is currently rolling out an anti-bullying campaign in schools nationwide, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. This will include providing schools with resources, ideas and material to make their schools bully-free. In conjunction with FrogAsia’s anti-bullying campaign, FrogAsia and Yes hosted a special talk by Nick Vujicic for 500 secondary school students including underprivileged students from the Dignity for Children Foundation, the Home of Peace, The Edge Foundation, Teach for Malaysia schools, and SMPK Setapak, one of the only schools in Malaysia dedicated to education visually impaired students who are completely or partially blind. Students were urged to treat each other with respect and love, to forgive those who have bullied them and to be an encouragement and a friend to their peers instead of being bullies.